Honeymoons are the ideal time to celebrate your love, and you want to make the most of it. Some sex pheromones here, and some romantic dinner dates there – you just want to enjoy and make the most of the time you get alone! But if you’re still not sure where to go, then you might want to consider an alternative honeymoon destination. At present, there are plenty of gorgeous places to choose from, and you don’t have to go far.

What is your Plan?

Where do you picture yourself and your partner during your post-nuptial vacation? Is it someplace in a wooden overwater villa, spending a few moments of carefree conversations and cuddling that soon spirals into an intense session of fondling and lovemaking? You may have really great plans for how to make the most of this time, and being platonic is not definitely in your books. As much as you would love to be outdoorsy on your honeymoon, indulging in sightseeing and enjoying different food items, you may also want to be behind the closed doors of your water villa’s deluxe suite to feel the warmth of love. Maybe that could explain the presence of adult simulators, blindfolds and other naughty niceties. Did you take some inspiration from Tube v Sex now (wink wink)? Whatever your honeymoon itinerary, you may want to escape the mundane and run away to a faraway place with your partner where you are unbothered by the crowd. You would want to enjoy the marital bliss to its fullest before you return to your daily life. Well, if this is what you desire, we have just the right suggestions of locations to make your honeymoon dream-like.

Why opt for an alternative destination for your honeymoon?

Honeymooning is a joyous occasion, but it can be more stressful than relaxing. To make sure you and your significant other have the best time possible, consider making a splash in the romantic and exotic destination of your choice. If your heart is set on a tropical destination like Barbados or Dominican Republic, look up accommodation (sites such as Exceptional Villas could help you in your search for the perfect stay of your dreams) well before your honeymoon date to avoid last minute surges. However, if your honeymoon budget just doesn’t allow for such extravagance, consider a less expensive honeymoon option. Places like Canada, New Zealand, and South America offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach and explore nature while still maintaining a relatively low price tag.

Choosing the Alternative Destination:

There are plenty of alternatives to the typical honeymoon destination, making it easier for us to choose our ideal location. Many resorts, hotels, and villas offer upgraded suites, spa treatments, and more, making them an ideal option if you are looking to experience a better-than-average honeymoon experience.

If you are looking for a honeymoon destination, better check out these five of the best alternative honeymoon destinations:

  1. Ishigaki, Japan – The island of Ishigaki is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Japan due to its beauty, unique culture, and proximity to mainland Japan. The island is located in Okinawa prefecture, making it easy to reach via ferry. It is also very popular with foreign honeymooners due to its English-speaking locals, beautiful beaches, and crystal-clear waters. With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning scenery. It is a great destination for those seeking a quiet and romantic getaway.
  1. Island of Martinique – Thousands of couples decide on a honeymoon destination each year. Why not try one of the best? After all, it’s one of the most romantic trips you can make. The Island of Martinique is a Caribbean island in the southern Caribbean sea, part of France. The island’s mild climate and lovely white beaches make it a terrific alternative honeymoon destination for those that want to escape the crowds but still enjoy a taste of the sun and sand.
  1. Copenhagen, Denmark – Copenhagen, Denmark, is known as the most bicycle-friendly city in the world, and it is not hard to see why. Once you leave the city’s center, you are free to ride your bike around the city, freeing your feet from the burden of heavy shopping bags and allowing you to enjoy a slower pace of life. With all the bike lanes, cycling is the most popular form of transport in the city, and it is not uncommon to see single-file lines of traffic driving around the city’s many lakes.
  1. Grindavik, Iceland – Iceland may be a common honeymoon destination for many couples, with places like https://www.rent.is/ offering camper vans for rent to enable visitors to drive around the country as they please, but it has become increasingly popular in the past few years. This is apparent in the proliferation of European-style coffee shops in Reykjavik, which have more coffee shops per capita than any other city in the world. This trend is likely due to the expansion of the coffee-drinking social life and the increased sophistication of many European coffee shops.
  1. Cape Winelands, South Africa – Cape Winelands has earned a reputation as one of the best alternative honeymoon destinations in South Africa. It’s renowned for its beachside scenery, friendly locals, and stunning scenery; you are spoiled for choice when it comes to stunning scenery! Cape Winelands is truly different with its stunning scenery and friendly locals, making it one of the best alternative honeymoon destinations in South Africa.

With the best alternative honeymoon destinations to exotic locations, you don’t need to worry about a perfect honeymoon because the world offers a lot. If you have a particular honeymoon destination in mind, we highly recommend that you go for it. But if you are open to new experiences and you like to explore, you should also consider a wide variety of locations that offer plenty of cultural and adventurous activities. So, which of the above-listed destinations will you visit on your honeymoon?

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